My family was blessed enough to be recipients of Miracle Mail. And what a miracle it was. The day that it arrived in the mail, we were in the middle of packing up the car for yet another hospital stay.

We had just gotten more bad news about our daughter's health and were frantically preparing the house for our leave, a 2 hour car drive, and packing the car for our stay. The mailman drove up and handed us a box.

I opened it in the car. Inside I found candy, some body wash and lotion (which I'd forgotten to pack), a coloring book, and a beautiful teddy bear. The bear was immediately named Haleybear, after the beautiful girl that had just sent it, and it went with us everywhere. During that particular hospital stay, as I ate the Starburst Candy and Natalie tried her first suckers, it gave me so much comfort to know that people cared. That, and I smelled better too!

"No one should have to go through the hardships of having a sick child. But it's the little Miracles that we encounter everyday that have made this an easier road to travel."

Rebecca Ketter, Natalie's Mom

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