Haley's Heros

We could not operate without the generosity of our donors. They are our heros…..Haley's heros. Listed here are people who have donated financially since April 30, 2006. Many more have given their time, energy, work, and so much love to this foundation. As Haley's parents, we thank you for helping to make our dream become a reality.

Bruce and Cheryl


  • Paula Poe
  • Sherry Shelton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ley
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Vincent
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Weston
  • Jeffrey Allen
  • Mr. and Mrs. T. Yamada
  • Marian and Tom Lovern
  • Michelle Gaylord
  • Kelly Ricketts
  • Lynne Doddridge
  • Nicole Shuenke
  • WeekDay Gourmet St Petersburg
  • Randy & Stacy Zerr

Thanks to Christian Paschall and his band who donated the use of recording studio.

Thank you to St Matthew United Methodist Church quilting group for all of the baby blankets.

Thank you to Christ Fellowship's Children's Ministry for the compassion project we will be
partnering in with them in December.

Thank you to Ridgefields Country Club for allowing us have our golf tournament there.

Thank you to Jersey Mikes for supplying lunch to our golfers.

Thank you to Kimberly Maynor and Kimberly Wellman for heading up toy drives. And thank
you to the people who gave.

Thank you to chik-fil-a for allowing us to sell their calendars.

Thank you to Lisa Hawk and her (awesome) Florida volunteers for their chik-fil-a and
weekday gourmet fundraisers.

Thank you to Katelyn Fleming, who was Haley's best friend, for hosting a birthday party,
and raising money for our foundation. Thank you to all the 7th grade girls who gave.
You girls touched my heart.

Special Thank You's: Beth Alderson, Craig Fry, Tyler Hobbs, Nancy Tittle

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