Fundraising Opportunities in Tennessee

Pancake Breakfast at Texas Roadhouse on Stone Drive in Kingsport on August 16, 2008

A pancake breakfast fundraiser will be held at Texas Roadhouse on Stone Drive on 8/16/2008 from 8-10 am. $5 donation. Please contact paw1@chartertn.netPat (423) 230-0603 or Cheryl Vincent 354-0593 for advanced tickets. Tickets may also be purchased at the door.

Food City Gift Certificates

As a non-profit, we have the ability to purchase $1000 worth of Food City gift certificates for only $900 - keeping 10% for the foundation. We are looking for people who normally purchase their groceries from Food City anyway who would be willing to purchase the gift certificates from us. That way it costs you nothing extra to donate to the foundation! If we find a few people who are interested in doing this monthly, then we'll do it! If you are interested, please contact Pat Weston at (423) 230-0603.

"Jeans on Friday" campaign

There are several offices in the Tri-Cities area who sponsor the "Jeans on Friday" campaign. They allow their employees to pay $5 each week to wear jeans on Fridays. The money is then given to a specific charity. If your office is interested in participating in the "Jeans on Friday" campaign and donating the money to The Haley Vincent Foundation, please send contributions to our treasurer Pat Weston at 2416 E. Stone Dr., Apt 600D, Kingsport, TN 37660. Also, let us know which office is doing it and we will list them on the website!

Candy/Candle Sales

We are looking for a few offices in the area that would allow us to display candy and candles for sale. If interested, please contact Pat Weston at (423) 230-0603.

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