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April 1, 2010

Hello friends,

We are still "under construction" with this site, but I do want to highlight our featured kids for April!

The following are our “featured children” for April. We send out our miracle mailboxes to these children, and any others who need us. It has been our privilege to get to know Lily, Sawyer, Olivia, and Sarah a little better this month. Our prayers are with all these precious children.

Lily (14) was born with a very rare disease called Neonatal Hemochromatosis, she needed a liver transplant to survive. When she was 54 days old she received her gift of life. For many years after Lily's transplant, she struggled with chronic rejection, thankfully today Lily's liver is very happy and she is doing extremely well. She still struggles with food allergies and has to be very careful. Lily also has a growth hormone deficiency and she stopped growing. Thanks to growth hormone therapy, Lily has grown over 7 inches in a year and a half.

Sawyer (9) was also born with Neonatal Hemochromatosis and received a liver transplant when he was just ten days old. Every day Sawyer faces challenges; he has life-threatening food allergies that severely limit what he can eat. He also has a narrowed portal vein; this has become a very dangerous situation for Sawyer. Because of this, he has portal hypertension, which has led to varices. These varices can rupture at any time, causing a major GI bleed. Sawyer's spleen is also enlarged from this, not allowing him to participate in typical nine-year old boy activities

Olivia- Has been dealing with CF since she was a baby, and had a liver transplant at age 3. She is struggling with some lung issues at present, and is also being considered for a 2nd liver transplant. Olivia is brave, beautiful and sassy.

Sarah – 14 years old, has been fighting Neuroblastoma since age 7. Currently in remission, Sarah is a shining example of our miracle mail kids. She lives all her days with playfulness, joy, and a quiet wisdom that we ALL should possess.


This is an important fundraiser for us, we REALLY need it to be a

“Grace was given to us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time.” 2 Timothy1:9

Until next time, my friends,

March 14, 2010

Hello, my friends,

My incredibly patient friends!!

I know it has been a long time, and this site has gone a little ignored, as I have been lulled into my two easier choices of Facebook and the CB site, but I am, once again, ready to make this site a priority.
Lisa and I are both working hard, and making some key changes to this site.

Lisa and I will both be occasionally journaling here, and the other ways of keeping in touch will be through Facebook (search The Haley Vincent Foundation) and our Caringbridge site If you want to leave us a guestbook message, click on the link above, and go to guestbook.

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Haley stories

So, as promised, a couple of "Haley stories" for you.

When Haley came back from Duke Medical Center, she had not seen her brother Logan for around 2 weeks. (She was seven, he was five)

She said, "Logan you've gotten taller!"

Logan replied, "Yes! And funnier too".

"Uhh, no you're the same amount of funny."

When Haley was around 10, we got our two dogs. Nick, Haley, and I were sitting on my bed, with Cara, our Corgi.
Haley was eating some crackers, and Cara was trying to snuggle in with her.
Nick said, "Cara wants your food."

haley said, "Maybe she just loves me."

"No, she wants your food."

"Uh…what are you, the pet psychic?"

That girl made me laugh out loud.

When Haley was about two, she used to sing out loud along with the music in the car. The lyrics to one of her favorites went like this….."Our God is lifted up, Our God is lifted up, Our God is lifted up- On High!!"
Haley sang it like this……"I gotta pick it up, I gotta pick it up, I gotta pick it up- On Time!!"

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